Best Kid’s Apps

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed some really awesome iPad and iPhone apps for kids. I thought I’d compile them into a list so you could find them all in the same location. Feel free to add your favorite app in the comment section if you don’t see it listed here! I would appreciate […]

What do Tom Thumb, Pecos Bill, John Henry & the Velveteen Rabbit have in common?

Over the holiday break I reviewed several iPad, IPhone and IPod Touch apps from Ruckus Media Group, four of which included Tom Thumb, Pecos Bill, John Henry and the Velveteen Rabbit. You might wonder what do all of these apps have in common? Simply, after you download them, once you select them, you can choose […]

Sound Shaker: iPad, iPod, iPhone App Review

So now that we’ve got our brand new iPad, I’m adding reviews for apps that might be educationally stimulating for children. I know the cost of an iPad is a turn off to many people, but to me this device is priceless when you have a child. It is amazing to me at such young […]

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