10 Messes Kids Can Clean with a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

As a mother, when it comes to cleaning, I feel like all day long I chase my tail. The sooner I clean up one mess there’s another one being created at the same time, just in a different location. I only have one child, I’ll never understand how those of you with more than one […]

5 Genius Tips to Motivate Kids to Play Outdoors

This sponsored post and $50 Toys “R” Us gift card giveaway are on behalf of the Toy Industry Association’s TheGeniousofPlay.org initiative, which celebrates the many proven benefits of play. Any opinions included are my own. This year, my family couldn’t be any more eager for Spring, happily leaving those monstrous snowbanks from the snowiest winter in history […]

Little Mermaid Songs Available Through Legacy Collection Soundtrack- Giveaway

I received the Little Mermaid Legacy Collection CD as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. The Little Mermaid was originally released on my 12th birthday. While as an ordinary pre-teen I may not have paid that much […]

Erba Vita Natural Supplements for Children & Adults (Giveaway)

Disclosure: I was provided with samples of Erba Vita Natural Supplements for children and adults to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own. As a mother who works in schools with a medical background, I’m a little more aware of germs, and my plan of attack is to stock up on tissues, hand sanitizer, […]

Plug-In Air Fresheners from Air Wick

I’ve really never been one to use plug-in air fresheners or honestly really any air fresheners or scented candles post-having kids at all. I was worried about Gavin burning himself on a candle or me being so tired I’d forget to blow it out. If I used any scented fresheners, it was generally some form […]

Oscar Mominee’s Video

As the mother of a now 3-year-old, since the day I found out I was pregnant, I have hoped and dreamed and wished and wondered what Gavin’s future will bring.  The older he gets, those wishes and dreams, though still truthfully very unknown, seem to get a little clearer, the more he vocalizes his likes, […]

Kids Lunchboxes from Neat-Oh

Since my son goes to daycare, I’ve had lots of practice over the past few years packing his lunch. I will say, nothing makes a child happier to help you carry their own lunchbox, than one that peaks their interest. Neat-Oh is an innovative company that creates washable products that unzip to be functional play […]

Do Your Kids Have A Fear of Fireworks?

Last night as I was tucking Gavin in and he was finally drifting off to sleep coincidentally right at dusk, some yahoo neighbor of ours decided that lighting off fireworks was a grand idea. Immediately Gavin bolted out of bed with the fear of God instilled in him, “Mommy, what’s that? Is it thunder?” Bedtime […]

Free Fun Fridays or Not…

Here in Massachusetts I got wind of some great opportunities as part of Free Fun Fridays, where several local attractions provide free admission for the day. I looked ahead in my calendar, coordinated with a friend, and decided we’d take Gavin to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA for his first trip ever to the […]

A Game to Teach Kids About Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Taking Turns! (Giveaway)

Many parents are often on the lookout for games for their kids that can be fun and include educational concepts. Crocodile Hop from Learning Resources, is one of those games that will teach kids about colors, shapes, numbers and taking turns. The game includes a very large, plastic game mat (30″ wide x 100″ long), […]

Winnie the Pooh Movie Review

So the other night, we got a great opportunity to preview the new Winnie the Pooh movie by Disney, set to release to the general public today, coincidentally the same day the last Harry Potter movie is also being released. Despite actually being a really sweet and cute movie, this was the first movie that […]

Sparkling 3D Paints for Kids!

Working with children on developing their hand strength, tracing and coordination there are only so many times we can do arts and crafts type activities with plain old crayons and markers before I am met with some serious resistance. So my goal is always to find ways to encourage children to develop these skills, so […]

What television shows do you let your kids watch?

Before having children I think most people have this idea of all things we will never, ever, under any circumstances allow our children to do. One of which revolves around watching television and especially, how much time we will let them in engage in such a “passive activity.” I do let my son watch usually […]

Need a travel game this summer for kids of all ages?

The Everything “A to Z” Peek-a-Boo Bag by International Playthings is a great activity to keep your children quickly entertained, especially if you are traveling with the kids this summer and need something lightweight and easy to take along where ever you might be headed off to. I love the versatility of this game, because […]

Fairy Tales and Play-Doh?

Recently Play-Doh has released new playsets that allow children to build and act out fairy tale adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and the Three Little Pigs using their Play-Doh. Each playset comes with: – 2 or 3 different containers with different color Play-Doh – Unique Play-Doh molds that allow children to […]

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