Alicia Silverstone Clueless?

So my husband just showed me the link to the video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son by chewing up the food in her mouth first, then feeding it to him, mouth-to-mouth style like a bird. He knew it would send me to the moon. Though I can’t fault her if she feels some connection […]

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Many of you know that I make my living daily as an occupational therapist working with children.  At all sorts of events I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great people and last year at Toy Fair 2010 I met a speech pathologist, Sherry Artemenko, who writes her blog called Play on Words, […]

Sassy Stay Clean Silly Squirts Tub Toys

Are you looking for some cute, adorable stocking stuffers this week? Sassy has created the Stay Clean Silly Squirts Tub Toys.  The set includes a yellow cat and a blue fish that actually break apart into two separate pieces.  You take them apart, fill them with water and then re-attach them by pushing them together.  Squeeze […]

3 Toys under $6 that may encourage your baby to crawl!

Now that Gavin is crawling on hands and knees at lightning speed, there were several toys that were instrumental in encouraging him to creep forward. Even better, they all retail for less than $6! One of his favorites was the Sassy Pop n’ Push Car seen in the pictures above! When you pull the car […]

Constructive Playthings Clay Center with Play-Doh Giveaway!

My review this month for Constructive Playthings is the Clay Center with Play-Doh.  Since I am an occupational therapist, hand strengthening and fine motor coordination are my thing, so I couldn’t wait to review this as we gear up for “Back to School!” The Clay Center with Play-Doh comes with LOTS of items that include: […]

Constructive Moms Ambassador Program

Some exciting news is happening at! I have recently been picked to be a member of a core group of 12 bloggers who are part of the Constructive Moms Ambassador Program for Constructive Playthings! Constructive Playthings/US Toy Company is a family owned and operated business for the last 57 years whose vision is to […]

Sassy Toys Dunk & Clunk Educational & Developmental Toy Review

Sassy Dunk & Clunk For babies older than 6 months, working on basic grasp and release patterns is the Sassy Dunk and Clunk Toy. This toy works on basic grasp and release patterns. First, take the top off and release pieces right into the open container. With refinement and more precise skills, place the top […]

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