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Lets Rock Elmo by Hasbro

Let’s Rock Elmo comes with drums, tambourine, and a mic. Plays six songs and will retail for around $69.99. Additional instruments that …

Dance Star Mickey

Grooving to six different songs with styles including, disco, Latin techno, and the Moonwalk, Dance Star Mickey is also packed with interactive …

Sumo Ham Slam Board Game

Last week, I saw a lot of children smile playing Sumo Ham Slam. Who wouldn’t have fun feeding funny looking Hamsters food …

Toy Story 3 Game Review

Review of Toy Story 3 game called Woody’s Run Around Round-up. For ages 3 and up. Price: $34.95 at . Tweet

Fun Song for Moms

This song is dedicated to the hardest working people on the planet – moms! By Go Fish Guys Tweet