The Happy’s Review and Giveaway

Back in February at Toy Fair, I got a sneak peek at the Happy’s from Cepia. I was given a new Happy as a sample to take home and Gavin and I got a chance to play fetch with Bentley!

You may remember Zhu Zhu Pets, also from Cepia? Those spunky little hamsters that were the biggest sold-out holiday sensation I’ve seen since I’ve been writing about toys the last 5 years?

The Happy’s are cute little puppies and kittens that don’t require tracks and habitats like Zhu Zhu Pets did. Instead, they scurry all over the floor, completing “tricks.” Using a little dog bone remote control, kids can watch their pet react to the command, like spinning around to catch its tail.

There are additional accessories like skateboards and cars for the animals to ride, as well as a yellow ball that the puppies and kitty’s will chase after. Certainly I would suggest buying more than one Happy. Though one is cute, there is definitely a lot more fun and interaction watching the kittens and puppies interact with you and each other, demonstrating their individual personalities.

Watch the Happy’s in action, then enter the giveaway below!

Want to win your own Happy’s pet and yellow chase ball? Enter the giveaway here!

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I was provided with free samples of the Happy’s at Toy Fair, any opinions are my own. I participated in a giveaway courtesy of Mom Select and Cepia. I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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