The Mandala Coloring Book Review & Giveaway

Mandala Coloring Book, Jim GogartyAs a school system professional, I never could have imagined that when I decided to become an occupational therapist, that I could potentially be put in a situation of risking my life helping students while working in the school system. With all of the recent school shootings and the murder of a Danvers High School teacher, which is a district that I personally worked in for 5 years, our world has become a stressful place. It’s no wonder, in my personal opinion that we hear about an alarming number of children who struggle with anxiety and fears, as a parent raising a child in our world, there are some legitimate reasons to be unnerved.

Since many people do not initially choose a path of medication for themselves or their children it’s become increasingly important to find creative outlets to help reduce stress and anxiety. One of those methods is through coloring mandalas. I’ve said it before, I frequently find peace and comfort in coloring along with my students.  However, not until our school psychologist mentioned mandalas did I understand the concept that coloring various patterns inside these circular shapes could help children and adults seek peace, comfort and inspiration.

The Mandala Coloring Book includes 100 different illustrations that can be colored. If you looking for a way to de-stress your life, or an activity to complete with your children, then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a free Mandala Coloring Book here!a Rafflecopter giveaway
I received a free sample of this book to facilitate this post, any opinions are my own. The Mandala Coloring Book from Jim Gogarty  is also available for purchase through (not an affiliate link).

You may want to also enter this giveaway for the Family Doodle Book as well!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.

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  1. I love drawing butterflies

  2. I love to color pictures of the sun.

  3. Georgia Beckman says:

    I much prefer to color pages like this, where you can use your own imagination & color combos to create something amazing. As a child, I preferred, chunky photos to color rather than busy, intricate coloring books.

  4. Georgia Beckman says:

    I remember one year in art class, we were taught how to draw things in perspective as we saw them. (I’m not sure I said or described that right, lol) One of the things we learned to draw this way was covered bridges. I still love to draw them. I also love to draw house plans.

  5. I like to color animals

  6. Beautiful book. I love coloring animals.

  7. I like drawing nothing, I am not very good at it. But I like to color things with LOTS of areas.

  8. Katie Fenters says:

    I love to color outdoor scenes, like trees, the beach, etc.

  9. Beth Klocinski says:

    I love to color puzzle type pictures with lots of sections.

  10. Beth Klocinski says:

    I doodle flowers.

  11. Kellie Conklin says:

    I love coloring pictures of sea life! Especially colorful fish and other creatures :)

  12. tina reynolds says:

    I like coloring dogs and cats

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