Thinkway Toys Dusty Crophopper Plane Review

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Disclosure:  Thinkway Toys provided the Disney Planes U-Command Super-Charged Dusty Crophopper toy to feature in this post, any opinions are my own.

I can’t believe it, but we just celebrated Gavin’s 4th birthday! We were fortunate enough to see the Disney Planes movie as a sneak peek preview several months ago, and Gavin’s Dusty Crophopper die-cast plane, coupled with his beloved Cars characters are a huge source of play in his world. Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when he wanted a Planes themed birthday party.

After taking a trip to the toy store and party store in search of decorations and gifts, aside from the die-cast planes, I actually couldn’t believe how Planes themed toys there were. I had to go to 5 different toy stores to find 3-4 new planes that we could use, just to decorate his cake.

I’m so thankful I received a Disney Planes U-Command Super Charged Dusty Crophopper from Thinkaway toys to review, it was certainly one of the most memorable toys to date we’ve ever given to Gavin.  This remote control airplane toy is recommended for ages 4 and up, and though it only drives and isn’t capable of flying, it has a lot of amazing features. It has a wireless remote with infared technology, and bonus #1, the toy even arrives with batteries.

Using either the joy sticks, or the arrow buttons on the remote control keypad, kids will quickly be in total control of Dusty’s movements. This toy features moving eyes and a a mouth when it speaks. It even has Dusty’s real movie voice (voice of Dane Cook). Given all the buttons on the remote control, between the 26 voice phrases and movements, there are over 1,000 action combinations. When driving, Dusty can move forward, backward, turn around, and in cool figure 8 flight paths.

My father asked Gavin at his birthday party if the toy really flew, and Gavin answered him pretty matter of fact, “No Grampie, it only drives.” However, that detail doesn’t seem to bother Gavin one bit. This indoor only toy is definitely on the more expensive side, retailing at $69.99. However, given the amount of features that it has, for a Dusty enthusiast, this is certainly one of the most fun and well-developed Disney Planes toy that’s been designed to-date. When younger children are using it, I personally think the buttons on the wireless remote control are easier to use to maneuver on the toy, instead of the joysticks, but either way, Gavin has really enjoyed being in control of one of the first movie characters he’s had the pleasure of really identifying with. Just the other day, I over heard Gavin from our living room, introducing Dusty to all of his Cars toys, one-by-one.

Here’s a video of Dusty in action:


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