Thomas the Train Videos for Kids (Giveaway)

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©HIT Entertainment

As a parent, if you don’t have a child who is a Thomas the Train fan, you certainly know one who is. If I had a dollar for every child I saw in the grocery store riding in a cart, clutching a wooden Thomas and Friends toy in either hand over the past several years, I’d be rich. In conjunction with the wooden train sets, and iPad apps games and accessories, like the new Steam Team Station from Discovery Bay Games, Thomas the Train videos for kids are also amazingly popular.

We have been fortunate enough to receive several different Thomas and Friends DVD’s over the past several months for review. I know it might be unfathomable for some of you, but since my son would prefer to watch different shows, I know how valuable they are to others and I’m including a huge giveaway that is valued at over $100, with 8 hours worth of episodes featuring Thomas the Train and friends!

These are the video’s that are included in this giveaway:

Thomas and Friends Muddy Matters (retail $15, released 2013, run-time 58 minutes)-  Join Thomas and the Steam Team as they make the best of the mess in these exciting and mucky adventures.”

Let’s Explore with Thomas (retail $25, released 2012, 4 DVD set, run time 228 minutes)-  Includes Bonus Poster, Map of Sodor, plus 4 DVD’s, “Calling All Engines, Come Ride the Rails, Tales from the Tracks, It’s Great to Be an Engine.”

Thomas and Friends Curious Cargo (retail $15, released 2012, run time 48 minutes)

Awesome Adventures Vol. 3 Thrills & Chills (retail $15, released 2012, run time 52 minutes) – This 6 episode DVD includes 3 Thomas & Friends episodes, as well as additional episodes from Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder

Thomas and Friends Blue Mountain Mystery The Movie – (retail $20, released 2012, run time 61 minutes)

Thomas and Friends Schoolhouse Delivery – (retail $15, released 2012, run time 48 minutes)

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HIT Entertainment has provided these DVD’s for free for this review, and I decided to offer them for a giveaway. Any opinions, unless otherwise stated, are my own.



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