Toys of Summer Podcast with Parenting Experts

toys of summerToday I was asked to take part in the Parenting Roundabout podcast, hosted by a colleague of mine  at, Terri Mauro, the expert on parenting children with special needs.

Generally every week four Parenting Experts engage in a podcast on all sorts of fun and interesting topics.

Along with Terri, I was joined today by Catherine Holecko,’s Family Fitness expert and Susan Adcox,’s Grandparents expert.

In our roundtable discussion we all shared our unique viewpoints on summer toys and activities for children of all ages and abilities at home or on vacation.  I highlighted our recent trip to Fenway Park and the family friendly experiences available for children in the Kid Nation clubhouse, as well as suggestions related to construction toys (Ionix, LEGO), Wackytivities Kinetic Sand and Skinny Spatter, and science kits. If you have 30 minutes, there are some great ideas packed into this podcast!

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