Which Educational Tablet? The InnoTab 3S or LeapPad Ultra?


The InnoTab 3S from VTech and the LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog are educational tablets for kids in the 3-9 year old age range. Both learning tablets feature cameras for pictures and video, plus secure wi-fi capabilities with access to paid downloadable app content that includes music, videos and e-books.  Educational games can be purchased as apps or stand-alone cartridges in retail stores.  On both devices, gaming content often features favorite childhood characters such as Cars, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Turbo, and Disney Princesses. Games are played using a d-pad toggle, as well as through touch-screen capabilities with either a finger or a stylus. Each device comes with out-of-the-box content with several apps that allow children to now only edit their photos, but experience fun games with educational activities.

So how should you decide between either device? I created a comparison chart to help you decide between an InnoTab3s or LeapPad Ultra.

@LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

 LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog
-Recommended for ages 4-9
-Retails for $149.99
-Connect via wi-fi to kid friendly websites using kid-safe browser LeapSearch by Zui
-Access to library of over 800 games and e-books
-Cartridges will be sold at retail for $24.99
-Apps can be purchased through LeapFrog App Store
-2 cameras (1 Front and 1 Rear)
-8 GB on-board memory storage for videos, images, apps
-7 inch Duo-Tech High Resolution screen
-Rechargeable battery
-LeapPad Ultra arrives free with a music player with 10 LeapFrog Learning Songs and 4 apps (Art Studio Ultra, Photo Fun Ultra, Pet Pad, Pet Chat). In addition it includes a utility suite with calculator, notepad, calendar, voice memo and clock with stopwatch. 1 app of the family’s choosing can be downloaded from the LeapFrog App Center.
-Parental controls using a 4 digit security code
-Content curated by developmental experts


InnoTab3s from VTech

 InnoTab 3S from VTech
-Recommended for ages 3-9
-Retails for $99.99
-Connect via wifi connection to kid-safe web browser
-Access to over 600 educational titles in the Learning Lodge
-Apps can be purchased through the Learning Lodge starting at $5, cartridges also available in retail stores
-VTech Kid Connect allows parents and kids send text messages and animated stickers with tablet to mobile and tablet to tablet communication
-2 mega pixel 180 degree rotating camera for pictures and movies
-Rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter
-5 inch color touch screen
-4 GB on-board storage, expandable to up to 32GB with mini-sd card sold separately
-20 apps included in initial purchase (Magical beanstalk growing game, H20 Go! d-pad game, pop-up 3d Art studio, and a Wonder Cam app that is a photo editing app)
-Content curated by developmental experts


The LeapPad Ultra and InnoTab 3S are the latest generation educational tablet devices for kids ages 3-9. Though I have not yet had a  chance to test out both of these tablets personally, the above information has been released by both LeapFrog and VTech on their websites and through press releases. Here are full in-depth reviews of the InnoTab3 and InnoTab3s and the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra.

If you are looking to purchase a learning tablet immediately for a special gift or for travel, both companies have prior generation tablets in stores on shelves. The LeapPad2 from LeapFrog (retails for $79-$99 dollars), as well as an InnoTab3 from VTech (retails for $69.99), are variations of these same tablets, without the wifi, internet browsing and texting capabilities, so they are generally available at retail for less money providing more affordability. In addition, there are first generation tablets still available for purchase in some stores and on-line through Amazon or Ebay, make sure you are aware of the tablet you are purchasing if you are trying to save money. You can read my reviews of the original LeapPad, 2nd generation LeapPad2, original InnoTab, the InnoTab2/2s and InnoTab3 tablets on About.com.

Aside from these similar devices, VTech has released an InnoTab Baby that will provide content for younger children 12 months and up category. LeapFrog has also released a new version of the LeapPad2 for 2013 that will now have a rechargeable battery.

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  1. Looking to purchase the ultra or innotab 3s for my 3 .5 year old daughter. Please email me when you test both products. Thank You

  2. Paul Snyder says:

    We have watched our 2 year old play with vTech / Leap Pad and with our iPad in a Fisher Price childproof case. She prefers the iPad 10 to 1 over the others. After setting down the Leap Pad while waiting for it to start, she picked up the iPad and started playing immediately, learning to match letters and numbers in a few weeks. The main difference is that the kid’s tablets are slow, offer very little variety, and feel like toys. The iPad is fast, colorful, and has hundreds of educational programs to choose from. If you can afford the initial investment of a full size iPad 2 ($399 wifi) you will quickly save the difference in app costs – good iPad apps can be as low as $2.00.

  3. Please let me know which one of the Leap Pad 2 or the Innotab 3 I should get for my grand-son. Please recommend the one that has more interest for children of 3 years old. Thank you.

  4. My 3 yr. old wants to be like his big brother, with a tablet of his own. Is there a tablet that teaches colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, has camera, & extras? Someone say there is……

    • Hi there! You may want to consider the LeapPad2 or the InnoTab3. The LeapPad Ultra is to much for a 3 year old. If budget is a concern, the InnoTab3 is less money and you can buy cartridges that will teach the concepts you are looking for. If you are looking for a long term investment or have multiple children, I’d get the LeapPad2 because the apps you download can be used across 3 devices.

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