Working on Tummy Time

Working on tummy time with supervision can be challenging with your infant as they learn to lift their heads against that big bad force of gravity. Crying is sure to happen, which often leads to avoidance of tummy time so babies and their parents alike can remain happy. However, tummy time is such a precursor forlater developing motor skills for crawling and ultimately handwriting, if you can find the right toys and activities, it is sure to become easier.

In creating my own baby registry I have found the Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones – Animal Friends Musical Gym. It is multi-functional and incorporates a tummy time mat with an activity arch and takes up half the space other floor mats typically need. Not to mention it’s at an affordable price point of under $30, which is a perfect gift price.

Other suggestions to keep in mind with tummy time:

1. Always supervise your baby during tummy time, monitoring to make sure that items such as blankets are not in front of their face obstructing their breathing.

2. I would not recommend scheduling your tummy time right after a mealtime. Make sure your baby has had plenty of time to digest before they have their exercise session or they may vomit, which may continue to provide negative feedback regarding the activity.

3. Monitor how long your child is able to remain on their belly and gradually increase the time, aiming to end the activity when they are happy rather than crying uncontrollably.

4. Place your hand on the small of their back, near their bottom, when they are on their tummy. This provides them with support to their lower body, allowing them to focus on lifting only their heads.

5. Roll up a receiving blanket and place it underneath their shoulders for more stability.

6. Have your spouse, significant other or a sibling lie down on the floor directly in front of them to provide a more interactive form of entertainment.

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