Buy Beyblade Burst Spinning Tops Next If Your Kids Like Fidget Spinners

buy beyblade burst, toyqueenIt started in our house with buying one fidget spinner. Then we collected more fidget spinners. Finally, in some sort of twisted sense of fate, I bribed my son into doing a household chore with a few Beyblade Burst spinning tops I found in a Toy Fair swag bag. Now every day it’s, when can we buy Beyblade Burst?

Goodbye Pokemon Cards. Goodbye Fidget Spinners. We instantly launched into a new, epic obsession with Beyblade Burst.

Seeing as how it was second nature for he and his friends to make up games with fidget spinners, it became absolutely crystal clear to me why my 7-year-old became obsessed with Beyblade Burst.

Beyblades are not new to the toy aisles, but this year, in their 3rd generation, they were reintroduced with a new bursting feature. Beyblades are plastic spinning tops. Players insert a plastic rip cord, hold it over the “stadium,” yell, “Let It Rip!” Then after they pull the rip cord, will wait to see whose top spins longer to determine points.

Each Beyblade has different features for attack, balance, stamina, and defense, so some are more competitive than others. Beyblade Burst toys have mix and match pieces. Kids can custom create their own Beyblades to beat their opponents but hope their Beyblade doesn’t burst, or explode in the stadium, equating to a loss. There are 16,000 combinations, hence the obsession with wanting to go to the toy store just like he did for Pokemon cards.

Learn more about Beyblades and the BeyBlade app here:

With most kids these days, his interest also turned into house of binge watching YouTube. First, I found my son launching Beyblades in the stadium in my soaker bath tub. Then he was begging to go to Target for specific Beyblades he had seen win frequently in video battles. The last straw was begging us for Japanese Beyblade launcher parts that were not even sold in stores but found on Amazon.

Toys, just like Beyblades, are manufactured by different companies under different licenses in various countries. Hasbro sells Beyblades in the United States, but Takara TOMY sells them internationally.

After buying Takara TOMY string launchers on Amazon (affiliate link), which you can see in the picture above on the left, I quickly realized that more parents were probably being begged for the same accessories. It’s challenging to figure out what is new and what’s old.

So, here are the accessories you will need to help get you child set up with a Beyblade Burst collection. Affiliate links to these products on Amazon are below. At no cost to you I may receive a small amount of revenue.

  1. Get a stadium. We bought both the yellow Epic Burst Battles stadium ($24.99 comes with 2 Beyblades) and the blue Beystadium one ($9.99). My son prefers battling in the blue one. Either one fits in a standard kid’s backpack, which is important to know for playdates. He wears his backpack with his collection on bike rides to the park, hoping to play with friends who are there. The Avatar Attack Battle Set stadium is new for Fall 2017, and it’s next on his demand list.
  2. Research the Beyblades and learn about them. Watching YouTube videos gave us some ideas of which ones he wanted to look for in the store or online.
  3. When standing in the aisles choosing a Beyblade Burst, flip the back of the package over and look at the qualities of the toy to determine what is important to the collection: attack, defense, stamina, etc.
  4. The Beyblades you collect have scannable codes that can be used in the free Beyblade app, which is good for kids who want to battle on-th-go.
  5. Some Beyblade Burst toys come with blue launchers. Here’s a priceless tip, the launchers can attach together, making it possible to launch multiple Beyblades at the same time. For a parent of an only child like me, this was a game changer.

So head to the store and have fun, “Letting it Rip!” I like this obsession way more than blind bag cards and toys, because you always know exactly what you are buying.

Disclosure: Aside from 1 starter pack which I received as swag from Toy Fair, all other Beyblade we have purchased on our own.

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