First Look At New Star Wars Drones from Propel

Ever wanted to fly your own Star Wars drone? Meet the new Star Wars drones from Propel, where aspiring pilots can have fun flying and engaging in a multi-player, laser battling game with their own T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, 74-Z Speederbike or Darth Vader TIE Advanced X1 drones!

These new Star Wars drones offer a unique flying experience, they utilize reverse propulsion technology, where the blades are below versus on top. This feature allows these drones to engage in the realistic chasing, battling and flying experiences typically seen in Star Wars movies.

Flying a drone is not just a solo pilot experience, in fact they can be engaged in action packed battles with up to 24 friends. The drones can accelerate quickly, from 0-30 mph in 3 seconds and complete aerial stunts with the push of a button. Most drones are not easy to turn on and fly. Propel has designed great apps and technology that offer new pilots success when learning to fly, without the fear the drone will crash or fly away.  

In full disclosure, was hosted at a media event for the release of these new Star Wars drones, by Propel, in New York City. Transportation and lodging were provided by the host. This website also participates in an Amazon affiliate program, clicking on any links may provide a small amount of revenue to this site, at no additional cost to you.

Meet 3 New Star Wars Drones From Propel

 T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

Propel Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter Drone

74-Z Speederbike

Propel Star Wars 74-Z Speeder bike drone

Darth Vader TIE Advanced X1

Propel Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone

Propel Star Wars drones are collectible drones. They are wax sealed, hand painted and numbered. They arrive in a collectible box that has special features. 

Training Mode Tips

Worried about crashing the drone while learning to fly? Propel Star Wars drones have a special feature called T-mode, which is a training mode that makes it easy for new fliers to take off, fly and land without stress, as long as you are in a large open space.

In this mode, an invisible ceiling and a floor are created around the drone, which prevents it from accelerating to fast, flying away or crashing. It also allows fliers to practice turning left and right.

In addition, there is a free Propel Flight Training app which is a way to gamify learning how to fly a drone. The app uses bluetooth technology to connect the drone controller to an iOS or Android smartphone.

In the flight simulator within the app, which is a simulated Star Wars environment based upon the physical drone that was purchased, players complete missions within the app that will aid them in flying their drone in real life. 

What is the Flight Time?

The battery run time is reported to be 6-8 minutes depending upon environment and flight aggressiveness.  Average charging time is approximately 30 minutes to reach 90% charge and an additional 10 minutes to charge completely. It is recommended to fly with minimally a 90% charge. For frequent fliers who would like back-up batteries, additional batteries can be purchased on the Propel website.

With these drones, Propel offers unlimited replacement parts for one year. They offer live operator assistance as part of their customer service.

Propel Star Wars drones retail for $199.99. They can be purchased at major retailers, including

Disclosure: Propel provided transportation and travel expenses to participate in a media event regarding the release of these drones. Any opinions provided are our own. This website participates in an Amazon affiliate program, clicking on any identified links, may provide this website with a small amount of revenue at no cost to you.








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