13 Top Toy Gifts Under $30 For Kids of All Ages

Meet the top toy gifts under $30 for kids of all ages. There are so many great options in the $20-$30 price range, whether it’s for your own child or for a friend, niece or nephew.  Popular favorites in this price range generally include arts and crafts activities, family games, playsets, action figures and toddler toys.

Best Toys Under $30

Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If prices from Amazon.com in this post are significantly higher than $30, check with a local big box store like Target, Walmart or Toys R Us. Amazon uses 3rd party sellers who have flexibility on pricing and will charge more than the retail price if it is a highly sought after toy, so do research before buying from these sellers.

Top Toy Gifts Under $30 For Kids of All Ages


Hatchery Nursery Playset

Do your kids love Hatchimals Colleggtibles, small eggs that hatch tiny collectible toys?

The Hatchery Nursery is a playset for the colleggtible toys, with over 35 places to play, including swings, slides, showers, and spinning cribs.  Buy the Hatchery Nursery Playset on Amazon.



This super cool arts and crafts activity turns pellets into air filled balls that can be decorated without the need for any glue or a big mess. Buy Oonies on Amazon.



Soggy Doggy

Families love to play fun party games, especially ones where they get wet! In this board game, watch out Soggy Doggy might shake the water from his bath to dry himself – all over you! Buy Soggy Doggy on Amazon.



Bizzy Bubs

Bizzy Bubs are new collectible baby toys that bounce, crawl and speak the cutest baby babble.  Buy Bizzy Bubs on Amazon.



Mega Bloks Elephant Parade

The Mega Bloks  Elephant Parade is the perfect toy for toddlers learning to stack blocks. The animals can even be used in a fun birthday party theme. Blocks are stored and stacked in the round tub that sits on the elephant pull-toy. Buy The Elephant Parade on Amazon.



Star Wars Force Link

Force Link brings wearable technology to action figure toys. The band unlocks different phrases and sounds in the Kylo Ren action figure. Buy Star Wars Force Link on Amazon.



Mr. Dusty

No more yelling at the kids to pick up their small blocks off the floor! Mr. Dusty eats, sweeps and dumps up construction bricks from carpet and hardwood floors. Buy Mr. Dusty on Amazon.


MEGA Construx WellieWishers House

Love American Girl WellieWishers but looking for a more interactive activity? The MEGA Construx Welliewishers Playhouse includes 253 pieces to construct a dollhouse. The set also includes 2 Well-wishers mini figures wearing adorable teeny tiny wellies! Buy The Wellie Wishers playhouse on Amazon.


Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Lightsaber Room Light

Coolest nightlight ever! Construct your very own Annakin Skywalker lightsaber, hang it on the wall, then use a remote control to choose from one of 8 different colors (plus a color changing option) to illuminate it. Buy Star Wars Lightsaber on Amazon.


Play Doh Touch: Shape to Life Studio

Kids love Play-doh, now with Play-Doh Touch, kids can bring their everyday creations into life in the virtual world using an app.  The set includes 5 digital character stampers, 5 digital action stampers, 4 tools, 15 cutters, and 7 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound. Buy Play-Doh Shape to Life on Amazon.


Simon Optix

Put on the wearable headset to play a new version of Simon. Watch the lights, remember the colors and play the pattern. In order to play against a friend, you will need to buy a second headset.  Buy Simon Optix on Amazon.



K’Nex 35 Model Building Set

Have a child who loves to free build their own creations? Using 480 pieces, and either an imagination or the step-by-step guide, there are instructions to make over 35 items in this kit. Airplanes, trucks, helicopters, amusement park rides, there is no limit to what can be created. All pieces store back in the chest when not in use. Buy K’Nex on Amazon.


Cra-z-Art Slime

Tired of running around from one store to another to buy slime supplies? The Slime Kit from Cra-Z-Art has everything kids need to make glow-in-the-dark neon slime. Buy Cra-Z-Art slime on Amazon.



Disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.





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