Zuru X-Shot Bubble Ball Outdoor Toy Fun

Zuru X-Shot Bubble Ball Outdoor ToyHaven’t you always wanted to hop inside a bubble ball then bounce and crash into your best friend over and over again? 

When we were asked to test out a pair of the Zuru X-Shot Bubble Ball toys for a review, both the kids and the adults could not wait to hop inside these toys and battle into exhaustion! 

Bubble balls are enormous inflatable outdoor toys.


How To Use The Bubble Ball

To use the bubble ball, 1 player stands in the middle, places their arms through the harness, then grabs hold of the handles inside. On the count of 3, players run, crash, bump and roll into their friends over and over again. 

Before the Mayweather McGregor fight, we had some fun of our own filming our own rendition of the event, which you can enjoy on YouTube!

Tips for Storing and Inflating the Bubble Ball

  • You can buy each bubble ball individually, but I would highly suggest first buying the double pack on Amazon
  • You will absolutely need an electric air pump to fill up the bubble ball
  • These toys are enormous and require a lot of room to be stored fully inflated
  • Bubble balls will not easily fit through a doorway when inflated
  • When deflating the bubble ball, make sure to unscrew the outer ring to effectively release the air. 
  • Only use these toys when kids are standing on the ground. Never use them on a trampoline or in a pool.

Disclosure: I received 2 Zuru-X-Shot Bubble Ball outdoor toys to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own. This website also participates in an Amazon affiliate program. Should you click on a link, this website may receive a small amount of commission at no cost to you.


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