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Disclosure: I am participating in the MEGA Ambassador program. Each month I will share some exciting new products! This is a paid, sponsored post featuring interactive story and movie toys that include MEGA Bloks Thomas and Friends toys, as well as new MEGA Construx Minion construction sets. Any opinions shared are my own. Affiliate links may also be included in this post.

Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends Wagon

When children find a cartoon or movie character they adore, they can easily become celebrities. Kids eat, sleep and breathe these best friends, completely embedding them into all aspects of their daily lives. 

My son was exposed to different characters by watching television shows, viewing movies at the theater, reading books, and partaking in family travel adventures.

While there are many classic choices, I can say with certainty, you just never know who will rise to the top of their list of favorites!

It seems like yesterday we were hopping aboard Thomas the Train Engine at Edaville Railroad, with tears in our eyes, marveling at Gavin’s excitement in seeing one of his favorite characters come to life. 

Thomas the train at Edaville Railroad



Then, in the blink of an eye, my husband and I found ourselves chasing down fart blasting Minions for a photo opportunity, all so we could earn a chance at being inducted into the Cool Parent’s Club.

ToyQueen and Minions at Toy Fair

Every child’s interests are different, and they will change all the time, but as a parent, I know one thing:

When your child finds a character theme they love, you will be stalking the toy aisles, checking out books from the library, planning birthday parties, and filling up your Facebook feed with photos to cherish all of these precious memories.

Popular favorites these days include Minions and iconic characters from Thomas and Friends.

The Mega Bloks® Thomas and Friends Racin’ Railway Wagon

Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends WagonThe Mega Bloks® Thomas and Friends Racin’ Railway Wagon appeals to toddlers and preschoolers that have a variety of play interests. Active children who like to push and pull toys on-the-go will love hauling around toys and construction blocks in the wagon. Curious imagineers who like hands-on play will challenge themselves to stack the blocks in the correct order to create Thomas the Train. Kids with a competitive spirit, and a need for speed, will send their train racing down the track, which is embedded in the handle, over and over again.  Since all of the blocks store neatly inside the wagons, kids will also be able to learn how to put their toys away when they are finished, too. 

Mega Construx® Despicable Me 3 Agnes’ Toy Sale

Mega Construx Minions SetsPlaying with small construction blocks can help children learn to follow instructions and enhance their fine motor skills as they snap these small blocks together. There are so many great themed sets, based upon fun movies, books and other interests. For less than $15, kids can find play sets that match their favorite movie scenes. Even small sets have a lot of fun details and accessories.


Mega Construx® Blind Bag and Action Figures

Mega Construx blind bag setsAs a parent, I love finding great toys between $5-10.  These little toys have so many uses:  cake decorations, stocking stuffers, surprise gifts for good behavior, and birthday party favors. They are also perfect little treats for kids to spend their allowance money on.  Favorite characters include American Girl, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minions, Pokemon, and Power Rangers, which are all featured in book, television and movie episodes.

There are so many great toys from MEGA Bloks™ that are inspired by both classic and modern story books and movies, which ones are your child’s favorites?

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Disclosure: I am participating in the MEGA™ Ambassador program. This is a paid, sponsored post highlighting Mega Bloks™ Thomas and Friends toys, as well as new Mega Construx™ Minion construction sets. Any opinions shared are my own. Affiliate links may also be included in this post.







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